Sunday, March 13, 2011


So, I have ideas, and I have to choose for a show. But I'm having a hard time picking one. I have to pick soon, because the show is in April or just come up with something completely different. Times like these I miss having a proper studio because I would just do them all and pick the one I liked the best. One day I'll be able to have a grown up studio.


  1. Nice to see you hard at work, Astrid. Maybe we can find an awesome space to share one day so we can just make large idea messes all over. I keep stifling ideas because I am afraid to ruin the floor, etc. upstairs. Let's get grown up spaces :)

  2. Sames! Tooooo much stifling. I need a grown up job so I can have a grown up space to explore, so my ideas can be grown ups too. :)


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