Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm back to mixing colors, an activity which I enjoy very much. I've been mixing a gradation of yellow to black. I want it to be as subtle as the salt room, which took 61 hues and I only have 44 right now. We'll see. I guess I should mention this is for my senior show on Friday, April 30.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drawiiinngs, or How I Start.

Drawing is the backbone of the my work. True, I like to play and not plan anything out but sometimes I do plan, I just happen to ditch my plan for something else that I discover.

I make myself fill up a sketchbook within three months. These are drawings I have in my recent sketchbook.

I started to think about different things I do everyday that are ritualistic and came up with preparing a cup of tea. The drawing on the right is how I planned on how to set up after I shredded everything. The left are just notes from classes or random conversations. Oh, and also Lost....
Sometimes, I don't know what to draw, so I go with drawing lots of circles or lines.
Here is a test of the 60 colors from the salt gradation.
I'm working on turning a chair into powder now. The right is how I started off thinking about it. The left is a sketch of what it has become and discoveries along the way. As much as I like to not plot out every move, this chair has made me plan and replan over and over in order to keep the integrity of the structure. It has been fun, just different.

And just because why not, a studio shot.
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